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About Me

Hi, I'm a Bay Area-based developer specializing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Proficient in C#, .NET, and Postgres, I use Git and GitHub for easy version control. With a passion for coding and a keen eye for detail, I'm committed to delivering high-quality work. Feel free to reach out for your next project!

Tools I Use

  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Github
  • PostgreSQL

Full-Stack Projects

These full-stack web applications, crafted with C#, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are more than just projects; they're a showcase of creativity and functionality, demonstrating expertise in both frontend and backend development, along with proficient database management using PostgreSQL

JavaScript Challenges

JavaScript Challenges are smaller in scope and scale than my full-stack projects. These problems are fun to solve and also showcase some UI skills and front-end skills with javascript. All projects are published, so you can easily see my work in action. Contact me if you would like to discuss any of my work

MoneyUp: Mortgage Calculator

This intuitive tool provides instant insights into loans, offering a clear visualization of monthly payments, amortization schedules, and total costs, ensuring users have the knowledge needed for financial success.

Word Warp: Palindrome Check

A practical palindrome checker web app. Users can input phrases to quickly determine whether they exhibit palindrome properties, offering a simple exploration into the fascinating world of linguistic symmetry.

Link Metrics: Event Tracker

Link Metrics serves as a practical event statistics tracker, providing insights into various events such as ComicCon. Users can explore data on attendance, dates, and locations. With features like dynamic dropdowns for cities, comprehensive event tables.


Experience the classic coding challenge, FizzBuzz, with a twist! This web application allows users to input their own Fizz and Buzz values, adding a personalized touch to the familiar programming exercise.

Rocket Range

Rocket Range is a straightforward yet visually engaging. Users can input start and end values, and the app dynamically generates and displays a range of numbers.

Rewind: Reverse a String

Users can input a message, and the app instantly reverses it, providing a playful and interactive way to explore string manipulation in a web environment.


Explore my latest blog posts directly from Coder Voyage, my full-stack blog application. Leveraging a seamlessly integrated API, this feature-rich platform delivers a curated selection of my most recent articles.

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